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3 Blue Marlin on Offshore Big Game’s Last Trip


Friday night before last Offshore Big Game set out for the Flower Gardens to see if the wahoo bite had kicked off for the year. Saturday morning’s troll yielded only 1 wahoo.  We would have marked it a defeat had not it been Dartaneon Chandler’s first wahoo ever.

Undaunted, we spooled up the Cats and headed to Gunnison.  The weather got a bit sloppy but we keep rolling and reached Gunnison around noon.  About 30 minutes later Dartaneon was back in the chair to catch his first Blue Marlin ever.  It hit a lumo on the left long.  Captain Kenneth was on the wire.  Captain Steve was on the wheel.  The baits went back and about 2 hours later my good buddy Dr. Brian Ritchey has his Blue Marlin up to the leader and young Jack Elliott leader him up and made the release.  That fish hit the islander ballyhoo combo on the center rigger.

Baits back in again and in a couple of hours the left long went off again with Blue Marlin number 3 hitting the same lumo as number 1 had hit.  This time my good friend Steve Little jumped in the chair and showed off his surfer muscles.  In about 6 minutes, Jack leadered up Blue Marlin number 3 for the day.  That 3rd Blue Marlin made for a tie for the 2nd best day ever for Paparda Rey in the Gulf of Mexico.

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