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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Booking a Fishing Charter

Fishing options are plentiful in Galveston and Offshore Big Game offers the best big game fishing experience on the Gulf Coast. Of course, if it’s your first time booking a fishing trip, all those options can be a little overwhelming. When choosing a fishing charter, here’s some things you might want to consider.

Do I Need to Buy a Fishing License Before the Trip?

It’s best to find out ahead of time if you need a fishing license for your trip. In some cases, you can purchase a license the same day but there are some saltwater fishing licenses that will need to be purchased ahead of time.There is an Academy Sports & Outdoors on Galveston Seawall that sells fishing licenses.

How Many People Will Be Joining You?

Are you coming by yourself, with a friend, or planning a trip for the whole family? The more people that come with you, the larger the boat you will need, which may require a bigger budget.

What Type of Budget Do I Need to Cover the Cost of the Trip?

This depends on how long you will charter the boat for, how many people are coming, and what kind of fishing gear and amenities are provided. Private charters like ours can be split with other groups to save money, but depending on the excursion you have in mind, you may want the boat just for your party. It is customary to tip the captain and boat mates, so be sure to add at least 15-20% of the trip’s cost to your budget if you choose to tip.

How Long are Chartered Fishing Trips and is There a Minimum or Maximum to Reserve a Spot?

Most private charters have a 4-hour minimum. Standard private charter trips are 4-hour, 6-hour, 8-hour, 10-hour, overnight, and multi-day. Depending on your budget and who is joining you, you’ll need to decide which length is best.

What Type of Fish Can I Catch on a Charter into the Gulf of Mexico?

Offshore Big Game offers charters for deep-sea big game like marlin and swordfish. There are also charters that focus on back bay fishing and offshore fishing where you can find trout and groupers, respectively. The type of fishing you’d like to do, and how far from shore you are comfortable being are important factors to consider.

What Type of Amenities are Included When You Charter a Boat and What Should I Bring?

Each charter service and individual boat will have specific amenities. Some of these amenities can add to your budget, while others won’t make a difference. If you’re booking a longer trip, you’ll want to ensure there’s a bathroom on board. Smaller boats may lack cabins, but you might want the option to relax in one and find out if it’s air-conditioned.  If food and beverages aren’t available on board, you’ll need to find out what kind of food you are allowed to bring.

Always bring plenty of sunscreen, and for deep-sea fishing especially, you’ll want to bring weather-appropriate clothing. Ask your captain if you need non-stick shoes or if your normal footwear is suitable for the boat’s surface.

At Offshore Big Game Fishing Charters, our boats are fully equipped with heated and air conditioned cabins and bedrooms, in addition to full galley kitchens for preparing delicious meals for guests.  We offer both day and overnight trips, and have a full staff to answer any questions you may have.  Contact us today to book the fishing trip of a lifetime!

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