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Catch Exotic Species & Game Fish on a Trip from Galveston with Offshore Big Game

When you are looking for a fun weekend trip or getaway from Houston, there is no better way to enjoy yourself than chartering a fishing boat out of Galveston aboard Offshore Big Game.
By booking charters through Offshore Big Game, you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy first-class accommodations along with tournament-level equipment, creating an exciting and thrilling adventure for you and everyone in your group. Offshore Big Game serves a number of different types of groups, from friends and family, to customers and business associates. Your trip can be tailored to your needs and desires, so all you need to do is ask Offshore Big Game, and we’ll plan the perfect itinerary perfect for your group.

Catch Exotic Game Fish like Blue Marlin

Catch Exotic Game Fish like Blue Marlin

Deep sea fishing trips on Offshore Big Game are different from your average local fishing charter’s trips in Galveston. We will give you a taste of what championship tournament fishing is all about. You will be going after some of the biggest rewards in the sea, such as mako shark, black tip shark, blue marlin, swordfish, sailfish,  wahoo, mahi and yellowfin tuna! All of these unique and desirable fish can be found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean on longer overnight fishing trips. Our fleet of professional boats are fast, clean and modern yachts are ideal for game fishing like a pro. Offshore Big Game will take you out into the deep blue ocean and show you exactly where and how to catch exotic fish species you’ve been dying to reel in quickly and safely. We’ll even take pictures and fishing videos so you can show off your catch and brag to your friends about your fishing skills.

Just want to take a few hours to do some fishing? Offshore Big Game can introduce you to the joys of saltwater fishing day trip vacations, Texas style. Want to get serious about your fishing? We have fishing charters in Galveston that can last several days, if you’d like. These charters will allow you to take advantage of a full crew that will take care of your every need. When you are hungry, meals are prepared in the full galley and eaten in the salon and dining area. Waiting for the fish to bite? Turn on the satellite television or listen to some tunes on the XM radio. Regardless of what you need, Offshore Big Game can take care of it for you.

Our team and our boat have been invited to exclusive fishing tournaments and won numerous awards and accolades for our sport fishing skills. We can even help you catch the exotic fish you’ve been wanting to learn how to reel in, and our fishing guides will teach you everything you need to know to fish like a professional angler. Just contact us to discuss how you can use our boats and equipment in your next fishing tournament. In the end, fishing charters in Galveston are a unique and memorable experience, and nobody does Galveston deep sea fishing like Offshore Big Game. Call us today at 713-253-3699 for more details.


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Planning Fishing Charters in Galveston? Try Your Hand at Catching King Mackerel

Planning fishing charters in Galveston can be great fun, and these trips can lead you to lots of great fish. One of the best varieties of fish that you can encounter on a deep sea fishing trip is king mackerel. These are strong fish that can often run up to 40 pounds or more, although most commonly these are reeled in at around 20 pounds. King mackerel also make for a really great meal and can be baked, fried, or grilled for you and your family to enjoy. Making these fish the object of your next fishing trip can be a lot of fun.

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Fish for Some of the Most Amazing Catches on Fishing Charters in Galveston, Call on Offshore Big Game

[Posted on Oct 15]

If you’re interested in Fishing charters in Galveston, you’re probably after an amazing fishing adventure that will offer you the opportunity to catch some of the best fish you can find out in the deep ocean waters. When you book a charter with Offshore Big Game, you’ll have a great opportunity to catch a wide variety of different species. From blue marlin to wahoo, the waters off of the Texas Gulf Coast offer up amazing catches for anglers to enjoy. The sooner you get out there, the sooner you can start reeling in that catch of a lifetime!

Blue marlin is one of the great species that you can go after on offshore fishing vacations  with Offshore Big Game. Many sport fishermen consider blue marlin to be the holy grail of offshore fishing, with a catch being one of the greatest possible achievements for an angler. Because blue marlin tend to be solitary instead of swimming in schools, it can sometimes be difficult to locate them. Trolling with some heavy-duty reels and tackle is usually the best way to get one on the line, but the battle will only just have begun once you do. Blue marlins are strong and impressive jumpers, and this is what makes them such a thrill to go after.

Monster Yellowfin Tuna

Monster Yellowfin Tuna Catch

Another great species that you may want to target on fishing charters in Galveston is mahi-mahi. While these fish are not as highly sought after as blue marlin, they’re popular fish because they make for great meals. Even though they are not as elusive and mysterious as the blue marlin, they are still great fun to reel in. Mahi can go on long runs and even leap out of the air when you are doing battle with them, so you can rest assured that you’ll get a fight when you get one on your line.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re after on your next fishing charters in Galveston, you can trust Offshore Big Game to provide you with an amazing trip. Whether it’s your first time getting a taste of offshore fishing or you’re an experienced angler, you can count on us to provide you with the best tools, tackle, and advice to chase down the fish of your dreams. From blue marlin to mahi-mahi and wahoo, the possibilities are endless when you work with Offshore Big Game.