Fun Things to do in the Texas Summer

Texas has some beautiful places to go during the hot months of summer, but many visitors (and even residents) may need a few tips on how to keep cool and have a blast during summer vacation. 

Beach time

There’s nothing more quintessential summer than spending a day at the beach. In the summer, there’s no shortage of activities, including tanning, surfing, collecting shells, wind surfing, swimming, volleyball, body boarding or walking the boardwalk.  Texas has hundreds of miles of coastline, so you could hit up a new beach every weekend. Remember, the further down you go on the Gulf Coast, the clearer the water gets!

Tubing down the River

 Nothing excites native Texans more than a weekend of floating down the Guadalupe River in an inner tube. Not only will you be in the Hill Country, but you will be participating in a Texas tradition. The Hill Country Rivers have cold, refreshing waters and the current drifts you downstream slowly and gently. Tie a cooler into one of the inner-tubes and find a group of friends and enjoy the Texas heat in a river.

Deep Sea Fishing

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Saltwater fishing in Texas is world-class, every year we get hundreds of out-of-state anglers who are eager to take advantage of the saltwater fishing. There are a variety of exotic salt-water fish in the Gulf coast. There are a variety of deep sea fishing charters that offer day, overnight, and multi-day passes to experience a true Texas tradition. If you're a beginner or an experienced fisher, many fishing charters will customize your fishing trip to fit your needs.

Swimmin’ holes

Texas Swimming Holes
Texas has some beautiful swimming holes to help overcome Texas sun. These natural and man-made swimming holes are open to the public and absolutely wonderful to experience. Check out Hamilton pool preserve in Travis county, one of the most beautiful swimming holes in Texas. There is a limit on how many people can be allowed into the preserve at a time, so try to make it out there early in the day before the waiting line starts. Travis county has up to date alerts on the condition of Hamiltion Pool and any information you may need, such as hours of operation and directions.
Texas Swimming Holes

Enjoy the Lake

Texas Lakes
Texas has plenty for the water sport enthusiasts, including skiing, jet skiing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, boating. The lakes in Texas are popular vacation spots for water fun and wildlife. Many lakes have vacation homes to rent or buy. Check out Texas Lake Finder for information regarding over 100 lakes.

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