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Galveston Family Business the Focus of New Reality TV Show

Galveston has always been a prized catch on the Texas landscape; now, television is finally taking notice. Big Fish Texas, a new television show on the National Geographic Channel, shares Galveston’s unique charm with the rest of the world.

The show, which premiered on Wednesday, February 3rd, focuses on the Guindon family and their business: Katie’s Seafood Market. Since the late 90s, Katie’s Seafood Market—located off Wharf Road at Pier 19—has provided fresh seafood to restaurants and the greater public. The series focuses on the sprawling Guindon family: Buddy Guindon (the founder of Katie’s Seafood Market), his wife Katie (the market’s namesake), their four sons, his father, and his brother and his wife. Guindon first moved to Galveston Island at the age of 22 after training with the Marine Corps.

The series seeks to uncover what it means to be a commercial fisherman sustainably managing a fish market just off the Gulf of Mexico. Guindon was first contacted about the television show five years ago. After many discussions and negotiations, the show was greenlit by the National Geographic Channel.

Big Fish Texas filmed for two months starting in April 2015 with the help of approximately one dozen crew members. The show promises a complete depiction of the successes and struggles inherent to a thriving fish market. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, he expressed appreciation over National Geographic’s commitment to highlighting key locations on Galveston Island, including the Strand area and Bishop’s Palace.

“At home base, [the members of the Guindon family] struggle to juggle surpluses, shortages, and orders while also processing a quarter of the Gulf’s deep-water fish and spearheading initiatives to preserve their fishery,” said the National Geographic Channel’s official show description. “But no matter how busy the business keeps them, at the end of the day this is a family built on old-fashioned values, and they’d never miss an opportunity to get together for a good laugh and a home-cooked meal.”

The series premiered with the episode “King of the Gulf” and continues into its second with “Blackjack is Back.”

Big Fish Texas lasts for eight episodes, and Guindon remains hopeful for future seasons. If it does return, Guimond’s father will, tragically, no longer be a cast member as he passed away in the summer after filming. For more information on Katie’s Seafood Market, feel free to check out its website.