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Multi-day & Overnight Deep Sea Fishing Packages


You may think of your average fishing trip as being a lazy morning or a long afternoon, but when you book a deep sea fishing trip from with Offshore Big Game, you can enjoy a multi-day adventure from right around the corner in Galveston, Texas. Our fishing charters are designed with overnight stays in mind, so you can enjoy your own bedroom with a full bathroom and shower, and all meals cooked daily by your crew in the galley.

Blue Marlin Caught Near Galveston

Full bathrooms, satellite, tv & radio; what else could you ask for? Take an extended multi day or overnight deep sea fishing vacation with us lasting two, five, or even sevens days and you’ll come back to dry land a new and revived person. Let the worries of the daily grind melt away on an extended deep sea fishing getaway less than an hour drive from Houston, Texas. Can you say weekend getaway? With our all inclusive charter features and expert guides at hand, you will always feel at home on our fishing trips.

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About Randy King

Captain Randy King captain and owner of Paparda Rey Fishing Charters. I love the open waters of the ocean, and the thrill of a new catch as it's pulled out of the water. Fishing and boating are my passions, and I love to share them families and friends who charter deep sea fishing trips with us. I'm also an attorney...when I'm not fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.