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Steve Little’s Blue Marlin – third of 3 Blue Marlin Day on Offshore Big Game

On Friday night March 20, Offshore Big Game headed out of Galveston in heavy fog on a heading for the Flower Garden Bank.  The plan was to troll for wahoo in the early morning hours. The wahoo bite had been disappointing thus far for 2015.  Nothing changed that Saturday morning.  The wahoo bite was slow.  But good enough for our guest Dartaneon Chandler to land his first hoo – 55 lbs. Dart was thrilled. We headed off to Gunnison Spar. The theory was that the wahoo would be there in the warmer water 40 miles farther south. Wrong there.  But within 30 minutes of reaching Gunnison, we caught and released our first Blue Marlin of the the day.  Dart was on the rod.  In a couple of hours time – his first wahoo and his first Blue.   The lure was a Lumo Pakula.  A couple of hours later, a second Blue Marlin pounded the center rigger that was pulling an islander ballyhoo combination.  We put Bryan Ritchey the chair.  He proved equal to the task. That was 2 Blues in 2 hours and still lots of daylight left. So, we splashed the baits quickly again.  Arguably the best marlin lure of all time, the Lumo Pakula snagged Blue Marlin No. 3 about an hour later.  It was Steve Little’s turn in the chair.  The surfer boy made the fastest catch and release of the day when mate Jack Elliott leadered the big blue up to the side of Offshore Big Game.  The fast catch and release was probably due, at least in part,  to good work at the helm by Captain Kenneth Doxey.  Baits back in, of course, but no mas Marlin.  Although the tuna bite was weak that night at Gunnison, no one could think of anything but those three Blue Marlin. This tied for Offshore Big Game’s 2nd best Blue Marlin day ever.  Captain Randy King.

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