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Enjoy Texas Saltwater Fishing with Paparda Rey

  • Tournament-Class Boats with Professional Fishing Gear
  • Overnight, Day and Week Long Trips Available
  • Fully-Equipped Boats and Cabins
  • Competitive Charters Available
  • Full Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen
  • Satellite Radio & TV Onboard
  • Catch Swordfish, Blue Marlin, Shark, & Yellowfin Tuna

Get a Taste of Saltwater Game Fishing in Texas on Our Yachts

Have you ever been saltwater fishing? It's a truly magical experience, filled with moments of exhilaration and peace thanks to the therapeutic salty air and soft rolling waves. Saltwater fishing from Texas brings game fishing to whole new level. If you enjoy fishing at all, you will love the excitement that comes from going deep into the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean on a tournament-class boat to catch yellowfin tuna, shark, blue marlin, and swordfish! Paparda Rey Fishing Charters caters Texas saltwater fishing trips for thrill seekers longing for an adventure on the high seas, avid game fishermen sport fishing charters who compete in tournament, and novice fishermen (and women) with no experience seeking expert fishing guides. We can take you out for a few hours or take on on the ultimate multi-day fishing trip for three, five, or week-long fishing vacations.
generalPaparda Rey specializes in Deep Sea Fishing Charters from Galveston, and Kemah that give you the full, turnkey, professional fishing experience. Our fast, modern boats are equipped with all the comforts of home, allowing you to relax and enjoy the adventure. We have three cabins that are equipped with full bathrooms and showers to ensure comfort throughout your trip. You can also utilize a full galley and dining area where your crew will cook you full meals throughout the day. For entertainment as we search for shark, swordfish, wahoo and mahi mahi; our boat is equipped with XM radio and satellite television so you do not have to miss a thing while you are on the waters. Of course, the exciting part of the trip is the fishing. With Paparda Rey, your Texas saltwater fishing trip comes with a full, professional crew that can help you whenever you need it. The large cockpit also comes with a tournament fighting chair, ideal for tournament fishermen who need local Galveston fishing charters to help them with their next competition. Our huge 340-gallon fish box in the cockpit floor can easily handle the large yellowfin tuna that you catch, and underwater lights help attract baitfish and aggregate yellowfin tuna and swordfish. Our deep drop reels make snagging grouper, golden tile and barrel fish at depths 900-1200 feet. Add to that the tournament-level tackle and equipment, and you have everything you need to head out on the fishing adventure of a lifetime. If you are interested in booking a saltwater fishing trip in Texas with Paparda Rey's Fishing Guides, just give us a call. Our team will be able to answer your questions and schedule your charter, if needed. Call 713-253-3699 for more details on how you, your family or business associates can bond over an exciting fishing vacation with professional Deep sea fishing guides . Entertaining clients? Our corporate fishing charter trips are perfect for networking and team building with your employees, investors, and potential new clients (PNCs). You might be surprised at the fun and excitement you'll experience on your fishing trip, and our crew will make sure that everyone has a great time and stays safe.
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Tips and Tricks for the Most Successful Texas Saltwater Fishing Experience

Go on a saltwater fishing trip from Texas! It's a great experience, regardless of whether you're new to saltwater fishing or if you are a pro. Having the opportunity to catch all of the different types of fish the water of the Gulf Coast has to offer is sure to be exciting for any fisherman. While there is some fun and excitement inherent in the activity itself, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your trip is as successful as possible. The most important decision you'll make is selecting a fishing charter company that can provide you with everything you need to reel in the best catches.
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Love the Outdoors? Then

Saltwater Fishing Might be the Best New Hobby for You If you’re looking for a new hobby and you want to try something out of the ordinary, you should give Texas Saltwater Fishing a try. It’s a lot more exciting and adventurous than other hobbies out there, and it’s a really great activity for those who love to be outdoors.
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Going on a Saltwater Fishing Trip in Texas to Catch Grouper?

We Know the Tips & Tricks for Catching Grouper [Posted on Oct 01] If you're planning to go on a Texas Saltwater Fishing trip in the near future, you may have your sights set on reeling in some grouper. Grouper are some of the most popular saltwater fish that can be found along the Texas Gulf Coast, and they make for a good challenge for anglers of various experience levels. If grouper is on your list of fish you'd like to catch, you should consider what your options are for getting them on board during your deep sea charter trip.

How to Catch Grouper in Texas

Grouper are classic bottom fish and tend to stay in or around bottom ledges. If you're making grouper your target on your next Texas deep sea fishing trip, then you'll have several different approaches you can take to catch them. Your first option would be to do straight bottom fishing for grouper. With this method, you can easily use a fish finder rig to pull in grouper. The bait you'll want to use is cut bait, which is generally some type of small fish or squid. Occasionally you might want to use live bait with this approach, but regardless of what you choose this method will bring in a variety of species, including your grouper.

Serious & Professional Anglers Catch Grouper with Live Bait & Rigs

The more serious anglers out there may choose to go with a live bait rig approach when looking for grouper on a Texas saltwater fishing trip. This approach often uses a sliding egg sinker with a long leader that allows live bait to swim a bit more naturally. With this setup, the grouper can take the bait you've provided and then swim off, not feeling the weight of the sinker. Once this happens, though, you'll need to make sure that you don't allow the grouper to return to the structure home. If you do, this could lead to broken lines and plenty of lost fish.

Catching Grouper Using the Trolling Method

The final method that you can use for catching grouper on your Texas saltwater fishing trip is trolling. The main reason that a lot of anglers choose this method is because it allows them to cover a lot of ground in a little time. When trolling, you can use magnum diving plugs that will allow you to go as deep as 30 feet or possibly a bit more. If you're not sure which of these methods is best for bringing in grouper, Paparda Rey can help. Book a deep sea fishing charter with us today, and we'll give you all of the advice and assistance you need to ensure that you can reel in some wonderful grouper! Contact Paparda Rey Today at (713) 253-3699 to book your fishing adventure!



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